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  1. Patrick Beccia says:

    Hi Dr. DiMattei, I just landed on your website and so far I like what you have. I have studied the controversy that the KJV Only folks who hold that the TR is the authentic manuscripts to believe. Do you have anything on this topic, as far as the reliability of the TR goes. It is quite confusing. I appreciate any help.
    Thank you
    Patrick Beccia

  2. Jarred Warner says:

    Hello Dr. Steven DiMattei. I have been reading some of your work and find it very interesting, especially your connection of the Leviathan in Psalm 74: 14-15 to some of the mythological stories. I just wanted to ask a question, I hope its not too personal, are you spiritually a Christian?

  3. McEvoy Campbell says:

    I just read your article “Paul’s Allegory of the Two Covenants” and its one of the best (if not the best) on the subject that I’ve come across. Bravo!

  4. Clarice Styles says:

    So are you a Christian? And do you believe the the Bible is true?

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